Side walls

Enjoy more privacy and protection from rain and wind

Would you like more privacy under your veranda? Do you want to protect yourself against rain and wind? But all this without much loss of light? With a side wall you are protected against wind and rain. Depending on your wishes, you choose the filling for the side wall: polycarbonate opal or polycarbonate clear. With opal polycarbonate you have more privacy under your roof, which can be at the expense of a bit of light. Do you not want too much loss of light, and privacy does not play role? Then a clear polycarbonate sheet is the right choice for you.

  • More privacy
  • Protects against rain and wind
  • Nog big light-loss

Side walls

From polycarbonate

Side walls

From polycarbonate

Custom sizes

Choice of four
standard colours




with extensions


Heat from low sun?

it is possible to order the side walls with heat-resistant polycarbonate

More options to choose from

In order to be able to enjoy your garden optimally all year round, you can choose the right addition to your patio cover from our extras. At Gardendreams you get everything from a single source and perfectly tailored to your home.

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What is a garden room from Gardendreams?

With a garden room from Gardendreams, you bring a touch of elegance directly into your garden. Whether you choose a stylish standard canopy or desire a garden room that is created according to your every wish, at Gardendreams, your dream space becomes a reality.

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Gardendreams is known for its short delivery times. This means you won't have to wait long for the realization of your dream garden room.

Can I have my garden room custom-made?

Yes, at Gardendreams, you have plenty of options with numerous upgrades. Design your space to your liking. Immerse yourself in the colorful world of possibilities and add the perfect accents to your garden room.

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