An Outdoor cabin is an ideal space to store your valuable garden equipment. The Outdoor cabins are equipped with double doors with frosted glass, which ensures that your (garden) possessions are not in sight. Thanks to the insulating effect of the walls, these aluminum garden houses are perfectly resistant to all kinds of conditions weather influences. A window with frosted glass or a single door in your Outdoor cabin? You can completely customize the Outdoor cabins with our expansion possibilities. It is even possible to combine the variants Melia and Dione with a glass sliding wall system!

Outdoor Cabins

With sandwich panels

Outdoor Cabins

With sandwich panels
  • Ideal for storing garden tools
  • Insulating effect
  • Reliable protection against various weather conditions
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Sandwich Panel

In one
standard colour




Wide range


Expand an Outdoor Cabin?

Just like our canopies, Outdoor Cabins offer many expansion options.


  Leto Rhode Melia Dione
Width 300 cm 400 cm 600 cm 700 cm
Depth 300 cm 400 cm 300 cm 400 cm
Overhang - - 300 x 300 cm 400 x 400 cm
Height 245 cm 245 cm 245 cm 245 cm
22 cm gutter cap Optional Optional Optional Optional
LED stripes* Optional Optional Optional Optional
Standard flat 5 cm gutter cap
 Round 22 cm gutter cap
 Flat 22 cm gutter cap
Integated LED stripes

Width (mm)

  • 300
  • 400
  • 600
  • 700

Depth (mm)

  • 300
  • 400

Customize your product to your preferences:

  Outdoor Cabin
Polycarbonate roofing  -
Glass roofing  -
Heat resistant roofing  -
Sandwich Panels  x
Free-standing construction  x
Sliding roof construction  -
Aluminium walls  x
Gable  -
Side walls with polycarbonate  x
Front- and side walls with Glass<  x
Sliding door  x
Glass sliding doors  x
Cloth blinds  x
Under-roof sun awning  x
Top-roof sun awning  x
Vertical sun awning  x
LED Lighting  x
Heaters  x

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