Compact Line

Compact Line (DIY)

The Compact Line is a practical canopy for your house, garage, or vacation home. The smart construction and assembly system enable easy and quick installation for every DIY enthusiast. And you won't have to wait long, as the Compact Line is delivered to your home swiftly.

  • Timeless base color: anthracite
  • Equipped with polycarbonate roof
  • Durable materials
  • Very affordable
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy and quick to assemble

Compact Line

Being able to sit under your own patio cover at any time, without having to bring garden furniture, cushions, or a barbecue to safety with every rain shower. Who wouldn't want that?

The Compact Line is delivered as a compact and handy kit. You can assemble it yourself or ask someone else to do it. The following components are included:

  • Aluminum profiles
  • Polycarbonate roof panels
  • Mounting kit
  • Easy-to-understand assembly instructions

Price from: € 1.044,-

Delivery time: 1-2 weeks*

*The delivery times are calculated without assembly.


Width (cm)

  • 304
  • 424
  • 544
  • 604

Depth (cm)

  • 250
  • 300
RAL 7016
  1. Compact Line dimensions overview: Assembly Instructions Compact Edition
  2. Compact Line 304 x 250: Assembly Instructions 304x250 cm
  3. Compact Line 304 x 300: Assembly Instructions 304x300 cm
  4. Compact Line 424 x 250: Assembly Instructions 424x250 cm
  5. Compact Line 424 x 300: Assembly Instructions 424x300 cm
  6. Compact Line 544 x 250: Assembly Instructions 544x250 cm
  7. Compact Line 544 x 300: Assembly Instructions 544x300 cm
  8. Compact Line 604 x 250: Assembly Instructions 604x250 cm
  9. Compact Line 604 x 300: Assembly Instructions 604x300 cm

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