Flatroof Edition

A stylish aluminium veranda with an optical flat roof

The Flatroof Edition is a stylish canopy with a visually flat roof. This canopy is especially suitable for you if you don't want a canopy with a standard pitch or if a pitch is not feasible at your house. This canopy gives you a luxurious feeling of space and freedom at home every day.

  • With flat gutter
  • Enjoy an unobstructed view
  • Arrange space more flexibly
  • Easy to expand
  • Glass roof
  • LED strips

Flatroof Edition

By default, the Flatroof Edition comes with a modern edge profile with a 5 cm overhang. If you prefer, you have the option to choose the canopy with a flat or rounded edge profile with a 22 cm overhang. You can choose from three colors, and custom sizes are possible.

  • Aluminum profiles
  • Glass roof
  • Free-standing construction
  • Sandwich Panel roof covering




  Version A Version B Version C Version D
Montage At one wall At two walls Between three walls Freestanding
Roofing Glas Glas Glas Glas
Amount of uprights 2 2 2 4
Gutter cap Standard Standard Standard Standard
22 cm gutter cap Optional Optional Optional Optional
LED stripes* Optional Optional Optional Optional
Standard flat 5 cm gutter cap
 Round 22 cm gutter cap
 Flat 22 cm gutter cap
Integated LED stripes
Freistehende Konstruktion

Dein Haus bietet keine geeignete Möglichkeit, eine Überdachung daran zu befestigen? Oder der schönste Platz befindet sich mitten im Garten? Dann ist eine freistehende Überdachung die richtige Wahl.

Bei freier Platzierung rückt die Rinne der Überdachung i. d. R. nach hinten und der höchste Punkt nach vorne (zum Garten hin), wodurch sich eine andere Optik ergibt. Anstatt an einer Wand wird die Überdachung an die freistehende Konstruktion aus zusätzlichen Pfostenprofilen montiert.

RAL 7016

Customize your product to your preferences:

  Flatroof Edition
Polycarbonate roofing  -
Glass roofing  x
Heat resistant roofing  x
Sandwich Panels  x
Free-standing construction  x
Sliding roof construction  -
Aluminium walls  x
Gable  -
Side walls with polycarbonate  x
Front- and side walls with Glass  x
Sliding door  x
Glass sliding doors  x
Cloth blinds  x
Under-roof sun awning  x
Top-roof sun awning  x
Vertical sun awning  x
LED lighting  x
Heaters  x

Upgrades for Your Terrace Canopy!

In order to fully enjoy your garden throughout the year, you can choose the appropriate additions for your terrace canopy from our range of extras. At Gardendreams, you get everything from a single source, perfectly tailored to your home.

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What is a Gardendreams canopy?

At Gardendreams, you don't just get a canopy; you receive a well-thought-out system that excels in both functionality and attractive design. Each of our canopies smoothly adapts to your personal preferences and the specifics of your location. But that's not all: our models are ready for various add-ons that make the outdoor experience even more comfortable – from sun and wind protection to atmospheric lighting and warming heaters, as well as practical sliding roofs. With Gardendreams, you get more than just protection: you get countless opportunities for customized design.

Can I expand or customize the Gardendreams canopy?

Yes, our canopies are fully designed for numerous expansion options. Whether you need wind or sun protection, heaters, lighting, or a sliding roof – we have a variety of extras and offers to maximize your comfort.

How much does a Gardendreams canopy cost?

Every dream of a canopy is unique, just like the price. Depending on the size, chosen material, and your personal preferences, this can vary. It's best to request a non-binding quote directly from us. That way, we can determine together what suits you best and what it will cost.

How long does the delivery of my Gardendreams canopy take?

Gardendreams is known for fast delivery. Therefore, you won't have to wait long for your dream canopy to become a reality.

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